Republican Platform
Town Republican Party Platform

Support responsible, long term economic growth for Canandaigua

The party platform welcomes development that brings solid jobs to the Town of Canandaigua. Development should be done through the goals of the Town's adopted Comprehensive Plan. The Plan outlines the criteria for development and the desire of Town residents to live in a vital community where growth and maintaining our character are primary objectives. A balanced mix of commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, recreational and open space development is necessary. Growth along the Route 332 Corridor needs to be encouraged.

Control Town Taxes

We will promote and practice fiscal responsibility in budgeting the services and operations of our Town Government recognizing the severe economic challenges facing the taxpayers in our Town. We strongly favor the review of all Town budget lines with the intent to eliminate any waste and duplication. Sharing services with neighboring Towns and communities need to be explored. The tax burden on our residents needs to be lessened.

Promote quality of life for area residents and workers

As the Town continues to grow, there is more need for our residents to have recreational opportunities. We need to increase the number of parks and trails in our town, not only for the enjoyment of the town residents, but to attract businesses and a skilled workforce. While our community is rural in nature, we have only a limited number of parks and trails. We support the long term objective of acquiring and developing more parks and trails for our residents to enjoy.

Bring town residents back into Town government… it's their Town!!

Town Government needs to be inclusive, transparent and respectful. To that end, the Town Republican party promotes that the Town Government and its meetings be open, recorded, with an agenda and minutes posted to its website. Public comment needs to be encouraged and accepted at all meetings.

Return to the Constitutional framework our country was founded on.

Government and Legislatures, even at the town level, should go back to a more strict interpretation of the Constitution. This was illustrated our Republican majority Congress of 2011 in two separate, historic acts; the reading of the Constitution and all its ammendments on the floor of the House of representatives, and the passing of a bill that required any legislation to be put up for a vote to make reference to the specific article of the Constitution that gives Congress the authority to enact that legislation.

Work to Protect Canandaigua Lake and its watershed

The lake is the key economic driver of the region. With 60,000 people depending on the lake for their water supply, watershed protection is critical. We support land use plans that retain open spaces and rural landscapes and promote recreation and agriculture. All developments need to be weighed against impacts on the lake.