Your 2017 Canandaigua Town Republican Candidates

Greg Westbrook

Town Supervisor Candidate

Greg Westbrook

Greg Westbrook has served on the Town Board in several roles since his successful election bid in 2012. Due to the exceptional leadership qualities demonstrated during his initial term, he was appointed Deputy Supervisor in January 2014, and subsequently appointed to serve the remainder of Pam Helming's term as Supervisor in 2017. Prior to his recent roles, Greg was also a member of the Town Planning Board from March 1990 until August 1993. Greg has shown dedication to continuing former Supervisor Helming's vision to responsibly meet the needs of our growing community. He has and continues to work to maintain a stable tax base, as well as to protect the natural beauty of our community and Canandaigua Lake. Greg deserves your support in the current campaign for Supervisor, in order to further his commitment to open communication and citizen involvement in our town.

Greg began his professional career at Ultra Technologies and Eastman Kodak, achieving company goals and moving up in responsibility until ultimately becoming a Corporate Officer at Kodak. He moved organizations to become the President of Flex Consumer Digital, a contract manufacturer for highly visible global brands in the consumer electronics industry. Concurrently, he became the President of Vista Point Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flextronics. Greg "retired" in 2012, but ultimately returned to the business world to foster the growth of a start-up wastewater treatment and energy generation company, ClearCove Systems, of which he is now CEO.

Greg and his wife Beth Westbrook have been residents of Canandaigua since 1985. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Greg is an asset to our community, and the Town of Canandaigua Republican Committee fully and enthusiastically endorses his reelection bid.

Ontario County District Attorney Candidate

James B. Ritts

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Town Justice Candidate

Justice David W. Prull

Town Clerk Candidate

Jean Chrisman

Highway Superintendent Candidate

Jim Fletcher

Town Board Member Candidate

Terry Fennelly

Town Board Member Candidate

Gary Davis