Get Involved
We Want You!

Whatever your level of interest or availability, the Town of Canandaigua Republicans want YOU to be involved in our future. We also welcome and encourage Tea Party member's input and involvement.

Community members have a number of different options to become involved in local politics. Involvement can be as simple as registering to vote to the much larger commitment of running for office yourself. You can join a political party and committee or volunteering to help support candidate(s) that you would like to see elected to represent you.

Those volunteering opportunities could include:

  • Distribute literature
  • Circulate petitions for Republican candidates
  • Help with fundraising.
  • Place candidate(s) signs in your yard, or notify us if others are interested in hosting signs.
  • Volunteer to bring older or infirmed voters to the polling places on election day.
  • Talk or telephone your neighbors to "Get out the vote".

Today it is more important than ever to make our voices heard and help those candidates who will represent our values and ideals get elected. We want to make getting involved and staying active in our party as easy as possible. To receive more information on becoming involved in the Republican Party, simply click E-mail webmaster. If you prefer to speak with a specific committee member, click here for a directory of committee members with their contact information.