Your 2018 Republican Candidates

The following are the list of State, County, and Town positions and the Republican candidates that are up for the primary election this September or the general election this November.

Town of Canandaigua Republican Party Principles:

  • Support responsible, long term economic growth for Canandaigua
  • Control Taxes and spending, fostering Fiscal Responsibility
  • Promote quality of life for area residents and workers
  • Bring town residents back into Town government… it's their Town!!
  • Return to the Constitutional framework our country was founded on.
  • Work to Protect Canandaigua Lake and its watershed.
Link to read more details of our Republican Committee's Principles.

Our Committee's Mission Statement

Our main focus is to help elect those candidates we feel support the ideals and values of the Republican party. We believe that in supporting those candidates, this is how we can best serve our wonderful Town.

Meet the Town Committee

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Upcoming Town Board Meetings

The Canandaigua Town Board Meetings will be held in the Town Hall, Lower Level Courtroom at 6 PM unless otherwise noted. For specific dates of those meeting, click on the link to the Town Website; Town Board Meeting Schedule

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