2019 Republican Candidates

Jared Simpson

Jared Simpson- Town Board Member

Jared Simpson is a lifetime resident of the Town of Canandaigua and brings his local passion and perspective to everything he does. He has spent 21 years in education, the last 20 years as a Social Studies Teacher and Coach in the Canandaigua City School District.

Simpson’s priorities for serving on the Town Board include open and honest leadership with the commitment that he will be available, approachable, and a fair representative to all town residents. His vision for the board is to promote smart, sustainable growth as a pathway to a more secure future for our town. At the same time, he understands the importance of preserving the town’s unique characteristics, history, and beauty … and protecting two of our most valuable resources: the lake and our agriculture.

As a devoted husband and father of four, Simpson also understands the financial challenges many of our town families face, which is why he is committed to maintaining fiscal responsibility for the town and holding the line on taxes.

A graduate of Canandaigua Academy, Simpson earned his Bachelor’s degree in History from SUNY Geneseo and his MsEd from the University of New England. He also devoted two years as a church volunteer in Milan, Italy where he learned the Italian language; he still practices it, when the occasion permits.

An avid hunter and past Scout Committee Member (Canandaigua Troop 53), he is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys travelling with his family.

Gary Davis - Canandaigua Town Board Member

Gary L. Davis - Town Board Member

Gary Davis is presently a Town of Canandaigua Board Member and is seeking re-election.  Davis has always been interested in helping the Town move forward while providing the services that the residents require.

In addition to his service on the Town Board, he has previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and currently serves as a member or chairperson on the Town Board Ordinance Committee, Citizen Implementation Committee, Agricultural Advisory Committee and Complete Streets Committee.

Davis feels strongly in transparency and providing the residents with the proper representation and at the same time holding costs down.  The committees he serves on are very aware of the need to protect the lake and make sure that sensible development takes place without sacrificing farmland.  It is important to protect the natural resources in the town for future generations.

Raised on a dairy farm in Northern New York, Davis and his family moved to the Town of Canandaigua in 1977.  He and his wife have three children and seven grandchildren.

He graduated from SUNY Canton and was employed by St. Lawrence County, then NYS Dept of Agriculture and Markets and FDA until retirement.  He has continued to stay active in the field doing consulting work in the dairy and food industries."


Judge Walter W. Jones, Jr. - Town Justice

Walter Jones was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, graduating from Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and from the University of Kansas Law School with the degree Juris Doctor.  He worked for Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company in Rochester, and for New York State, for a number of years after law school. 

Jones moved to Canandaigua in 1978 and immediately knew he was home.  Since then, he has been actively engaged in the practice of law (Croucher and Jones.)  He was appointed to the Town Court bench in February, 1999, and has served there continuously since.   He has served on numerous charitable boards of directors or trustees in Canandaigua and Ontario County during the years since 1978, including Sonnenberg Gardens (former trustee;) Coordinated Child Development Program (former board member;) Ontario County Historical Society (former trustee and former board president;) Holy Redeemer Anglican Church (vestry member, senior warden, subdeacon and layreader;) Anglican Church in America (Chancellor of the Diocese of the Northeast, and National Chancellor;) Canandaigua Business Improvement District (former board member and legal counsel;) Finger Lakes Addictions Counseling and Referral Agency (FLACRA, former board member;) and the Ontario County Bar Association Ethics Committee.  For 18 years, he was the emcee of the Y Show, for the Canandaigua YMCA. 

Jones is married, for more than 38 years now, and he and his wife are the parents of one son, who is soon to leave them with an empty nest as he departs for college in the fall of this year.

Other Endorsed Candidates

Matthew Hoose - Ontario County Clerk

Matthew Hoose is seeking re-election as Ontario County Clerk. He has been a truly effective Clerk and has done an excellent job in keeping the county running smoothly.

Michael D. John - Ontario County Coroner

Michael D. John announced he is running for re-election for Ontario County Coroner. 

James J. DeVaney - Ontario County Coroner Candidate

James J. DeVaney also announced his re-election bid for the offiof Ontario County Coroner.